The Salsene race has advanced considerably since they were
Xenopteran War 1

Two fully equipped Salsene soldiers.

smelly salamanders crawling about in the swamps. Here is a list of technology they currently possess. While some of it comes from a mysterious crashsite from early in their history, much of them are their own inventions.


The Salsenes gained spacecraft from the mysterious crashsite mentioned in the Salsene article, which make up the Salsene Grand Fleet/

These spacecraft are capable of Hyperspace travel, repulsor field production, and mass driver usage. As well as large colony and trade ships, the Salsenes also have relatively small, planetary ships, used like human airliners.

The fuel for these ships is a closely guarded secret, for they fear that another race may try to cut off their access of it.


Salsene with a gun

A Salsene wielding a large laser pistol

The Salsenes also have sophisticated weaponry, such as rocket launchers, firearms, and Hovership. These weapons are not often used, and are kept mainly on a "what if" basis.

Their firearms are mainly the same as used by other Viperian species, as produced by Paragon Weapons Systems. However, they do have a few of their own.

They have some ships that are used as jet fighters.

The Salsenes also have sophisticated helium bombs hidded away in bunkers. These weapons have not been used for military purposes so far.


Salsenes have produced computers capable of fooling most users into thinking that they are talking to a real being, which are used for information processing and management.

They also are present on ships, in businesses, and so on.


Salsene Probe

A Salsene probe on Yeseg, just before contact with Zyrothans was initiated. Probes were Ishtar's first ambassadors to several alien worlds.

After a disasterous incident in the Oread System, where several explorers were killed by Necrosaurs, the Salsenes always send robotic probes down to the surface of a planet before exploring themselves. This strategy has saved lives on many occasions.

Probes use a primitive type of AI to calculate the best response towards outside stimuli. Trade with the Aians has allowed the Salsene Grand Fleet to make more sophisticated probe programs.


The Salsenes have also learned, by themselves, how to change inhospitable planets in order to suit their needs. They often introduce animals from Aristotle or Kaventro to the world, to set up a new ecosystem. The Virgo Wildlife Preservation society often cooperates with this, using their genetic archives.


Before Terraforming


After Terraforming.

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