Sals were large amphibians that lived on Ishtar. They were truly remarkable, as they were the only organisms on Ishtar to evolve sapience.


Sals strongly resembled pig-sized salamanders.


Sals would eat just about anything.

Behaviour and Displayed IntelligenceEdit

Sals lived in large groups that can contain up to forty individuals. They communicated by sending sub-harmonic frequencies to one another. Social structure revolved around the females, which were larger and stronger than the males. Males desperately strove to earn the females' favor by bringing them random morsels of food. The females thus mated only with males capable of locating large amounts of food.

Tool use and sophisticated planning was observed amongst sals. Upon finding a decaying hydroflier, for example, sals would place it in open water, and then wait for large quanities of marsh maggots to accumulate.

Adaptive AbilityEdit

Contrary to what might be expected, sals actually flourished after the formation of Deserta Vasta. They were able to adapt faster than most other organisms on Ishtar, and thus were able to fill a wide variety of niches. A wide variety of Desert Sals then inhabited the Deserta Vasta.


Eventually, the sals evolved sapience, and became the Salsenes. Modern Salsene paleontologists have theorized that their evolution may have been accelerated by the Veiled Ones; so far, no evidence for or against this theory has been discovered.