Named saaristo

Planet layout

Saaristo is an Earth-sized planet in Emenata. It is unusual in that its land is laid out as an archipelago of islands. There may be hundreds in total, from small sandbanks, to volcano islands, to massive, tropical islands around the equator. This, resultingly, has produced an enormous range of wildlife, but no advanced sapients.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

Saaristo is earth-sized and shapes. It orbits it star at about 90 million miles, easily in the habitable zone.


  • Robus Island - A small, polar island near the north pole
  • Eagle Island - A long, fairly large island near the north pole, named after its shape, not its inhabitants
  • Macula Island - A tiny island underneath Robus Island
  • Fragor - A large island with a large river almost slicing it in half
  • Epistulac - A strange-shaped island near Fragor
  • Gyros Island - A small, curved island
  • Scopos Island - A tiny, circular island
  • Snake Island - A small, long island named after its shape, not its inhabitants
  • Insula Parva - Literally 'small island' in latin
  • Recta Island - A fairly long island beneath Insula Parva
  • Schisma Island - A square island with a long river cutting halfway through it
  • Swamp Island - A fairly small island covered in swamps
  • Centratus - Arguably the largest island, it is situated roughly in the centre of the archipelago
  • Elitteris Island - A small, strangely shaped island
  • Dimidiavit Islands - A pair of fairly large islands joined by a causeway
  • Large Macula Island - A fairly strange-shaped island, which is also quite large. It is in no way related to Macula Island - the Sagax accidentally named two islands the same, so quickly modified one before the mistake was noticed.
  • Lacum Island - A large, circular island with a volcano in the centre, which has a crater lake at its top
  • Baculus Island - A long, stick-like island
  • Habena Island - A curving island south-west of Centratus
  • Cuna Island - A rather standard-shaped, average size island
  • Tabellat Island - An island shaped roughly like a letter 'T'
  • Norma Island - A regular island
  • Cove Island - So named for the enormous beach running one side of the island
  • Frustum Island - A relatively small strip of land
  • Harundo Island - A triangular-shaped island south of Centratus
  • Ascia - A fairly large island
  • Vexillum Island - A comparatively small, usual-shaped island
  • Orbis Island - A large, circular island
  • Falcocapsa Island - A fairly large, strangely-shaped polar island near the south pole
  • Falx Island - An polar island shaped like a hook

Inhabitants and Plant LifeEdit

Robus IslandEdit

Eagle IslandEdit

Macula IslandEdit



Gyros IslandEdit

Scopos IslandEdit

Snake IslandEdit

Insula ParvaEdit

Recta IslandEdit

Schisma IslandEdit

Swamp IslandEdit


Elitteris IslandEdit

Dimidiavit IslandsEdit

Large Macula IslandEdit

Lacum IslandEdit

Baculus IslandEdit

Habena IslandEdit

Cuna IslandEdit

Tabellat IslandEdit

Norma IslandEdit

Cove IslandEdit

Frustum IslandEdit

Harundo IslandEdit


Vexillum IslandEdit

Orbis IslandEdit

Falcocapsa IslandEdit

Falx IslandEdit




  • The Sagax mistake mentioned by 'Large Macula Island' is actually a genuine mistake I made!

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