Runner Kineks are a type of Cthonian herbivore.
Runner Kinek by Holbenilord

A Runner Kinek


These animals are more slim than Tigrids, and about 46cm long. They have long, rapidly moving legs ending in single claws, which enable them to run over adverse terrain. Their maximum speed is around 20 km/h.

Their three eyes are quite primitve, but the chemoreceptors hanging from their neck enable them to detect predators or pollenfrom far away. They have wide mouths, with grinding teeth, to break down clubplant leaves. A kind of relationship between them and clubferns has developed, where clubferns deposit pollen around the mouth of the kinek, which then takes them to another plant.

They have two anuses, like all Kineks, and waste is deposited from both at the same time.


Runner Kineks eat almost exclusively clubferns.

Life CycleEdit

These Kineks live in herds of twenty or so members, and whenever two groups meet mating occurs. The largest females get priority to choose their mates, and the smaller ones are often ignored.

Runner Kineks lay eggs, with about 4 in each clutch. Gestation takes only one month.