Rune is an elderly Arbotile and a primary member of Ultima. One of the eldest members of the group, he is usually well-respected by his fellow criminals.


Like most Arbotiles, Rune is an anthropoid saurian. He bears many attributes of old age, including loose scales and sore joints. He has more trouble running, leaping, and climbing than he used to. He is slightly larger than most others of his kind.


After a lifetime of crime, Rune has gathered a high-quality armoury. He wears Oriscale Body Armour painted yellow and black, and he carries a Mincer Machine Pistol. He also owns his own personal starship, called the Gilgamesh. His is rather rich, his banking account containing over 30, 000 ill-gained credits.


Rune is a tough and grim individual, who has little tolerance for the antics of less competent criminals. He has a tendency to snap and insult others when they annoy him, and often kills minions who fail him. He never gives praise, other than a rare "good job."


Rune was born on Skogland. However, as soon as he came of age he joined a group of local pirates, and soared through the 'ranks', becoming something of a legend amongst thieves and brigands throughout Viperius. However, the authorities were never able to prove his involvement with any crimes.

Eventually, Rune was sent on a mission to steal Shock Rifle blueprints on Skrap. During the mission, he met Seff Tintel, who persuaded him into joining Ultima. As a parting gift, Rune destroyed the other pirates on his team, leaving one to take his "letter of resignation" to Latros. Rune is a high-ranking member of Ultima to this day.

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