Rovaria is the smaller of the two binaries of the Pari System. It shares three moons with Voricia, and is home to the Rovians.


Class TGI, Rovaria is a very habitable world.


Rovaria has a diameter of 1.25 times earth, and its larger density gives it a gravitational pull of 1.65 times it. It's density is due to a high level of heavier carbonates, but also has a larger amount of heavier silicates.


Rovaria's day takes 26 hours, and its cycle with Voricia takes 26 days. It is not tidally locked to Voricia or its star. Its year takes 173 days, and is in the slightly hotter area of its habitable zone. However, this does not effect Rovaria much due to its thinner atmosphere, shrugging off heat. It also has a stable axial tilt of 12 degrees, not giving it much seasonal variation.


Rovaria is 61% metallic material, 23% carbonate material, and 16% silicate material. Its carbonates are mainly copper or zinc-rich, such as aurichalcite. Calcium rich compounds have also been observed. Silicates are usually

Some planet from internets

An image of the sun rising on Rovaria

heavier as well, such as glauconite, which is rich in metals and heavy non-metals.


Rovaria's surface is 69.3% water, 1.7% ice, and the other 29% is landmass. About 40% of landmass has been colonized, so 11.6% of all surface as been colonized. The remaining 17.4% is mainly evergreen forests, and large stretching plains. There are very few mountains, and most of the continental plates are very large. There are only around 7 plates on the planet's surface. This causes very few mountains or volcanoes.


Since Rovarian life is mainly plant life, which breathes carbon dioxide, there is a high amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, compared to oxygen. The atmospheric pressure is 82% of the earth's pressure. The atmosphere is 49.3% oxygen, 21% nitrogen, 16.2% argon, 8.5% carbon dioxide, 3% hydrocarbons, and 2% trace gases.


Rovaria shares three moons with Voricia - Zirdan, Istayir, and Besbatar. If Voricia did not exist, Besbatar would most likely be a binary with Rovaria.


Rovaria is famed throughout the Polemos Galaxy for its wide variety of plants. However, it only has two major kinds of animals.

The animal species are:

  • Kuroru, a smaller, quadrupedal family, usually herbivores
  • Taneko, a larger bipedal family, such as the Rovians

There are also several plant species, such as:

  • Kusa, a grass-like plant
  • Kodai, a tall, thick-leaved plant, much like a green-trunked tree
  • Medura, a rare, needled Kodai-like plant
  • Sukura, a bush, found only on rare mountains

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