Roauian is a barren world, orbiting the planet Shaorean, in the Noiyarna system. It has very little use beyond mining and colonizing.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

An average Noiyarnic world, Roauian is a silicon based planet. It has no magma inside of it, and as such does not have a magnetic field.


Roauian's diameter is approximately 1600 kilometers, with a density of 5.4 g/cm^3. This makes its gravity much less than the Earth's. However, it used to be much larger, before most of it was converted into spaceships of the Laoine.


Roauian is silicon based, without a mantle, and no particular core. Instead of iron at the center, there is highly pressurized silicate rocks. Several valuable mineral veins and gems can be found at the core due to extreme pressure. There is hardly any atmosphere, and that is mainly nitrogen and carbon dioxide.


A grey, bleak world, Roauian has very little features. However, due to its low atmospheric pressure allows boulder-sized rocks to make large craters, along with the occasional meteor. Since it never had tectonic plates, it has no mountains. Also, weathering was also never possible, so there is no erosion visible on the planet.

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