A Riooth in a training barracks.

I say, these Krono will regret setting foot on my planet! We'll show them who the real masters are!
- Chieftain Grazdakh

The Riooth are the second species to join the Orion. They are natives to the planet Roldhor.


The Riooth are 3 meter big reptiles, their head is protected with a hard, thick chitin plate that has several small spikes on it. They are four limbed, have three fingers and four elephant like toes


The Riooth are omnivores eating herbs and plants for their immume system and flesh for fats and energy. As they only store a small amount of fat they have to eat regulary.

Intelligence and societyEdit

The Riooth have had a timeperiod where they did not desire to use their minds, they simply fought each other over territory and control. Once they realised that


XII- Interuniversal, this species has explored multiple 'verses. They were active in Viperius once but retreated during the Julth War.

They always search for strong or better materials either through science or discovery. They have made several unique A.I.'s (which they simply refer to Superintendents) that have been granted control over cities, entire A.I. fleets and giant devestating Walkers. They had to ask the Olthoor for help with the failsafe systems and bio regognising systems in order to safeguard their total control over them.

Military doctrineEdit

Men, I'll say this only once! If you plan on going down, take at least one Throkho with you!

- Military instructor

The Riooth are warriors, they are born, raised and will die as soldiers. They do not fight to gain fame or wealth (though there are some exceptions) but rather to safeguard their own future. Due to their fast reproduction it doesn't really matter how many would die during a battle.

Relation with other speciesEdit

  • Orion: They are part of the Orion. Relation = Allied.
  • Krono: Ever since they met them they have been fighting. Relation = War.


  • Throkho is Rioothan for 'Fucker'

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