Kordikh geographical

A geographical map of Rhodikh: Cyan is the Core Region, Orange is the Dhrek Cloud, Green is the Aszer Region, Red is the Prenkhoor Region and Yellow is the Illyu Cloud.

The Rhodikh Galaxy is a ring galaxy native to the Tikhio.

Geographical regionsEdit

Core RegionEdit

The core is almost inaccessible due to it's location but the Tikhio's knowledge of dark matter has enabled them to build stations centered around it to create energy from the supermassive black hole. The Solar Systems here house the oldest planets in all of Rhodikh and have planets with ancient ruins.

According to Tikhio study there are ruins of 5 different (extinct) species. 4 of organics and 1 of synthetics.

Most of the Reproduction Centers are positioned here as they can quickly receive the energy produced by the facilities around the Core itself.

Dhrek CloudEdit

The Dhrek Cloud is a small part that seems to be loose of Rhodikh, it houses many new and resource rich planets that are mined by the Tikhio.

Aszer RegionEdit

The Aszer Region is home to old and new planets (dependant of how far you are from the Core Region) and house some species that have yet to invent spacefaring technology. The Tikhio do not make attempts to uplift them but are prepared to help them when they have reached space and are able to leave their own Solar System.

Prenkhoor RegionEdit

The Prenkhoor Region is where Kurto is situated and has the biggest concentration of Tikhio. Most of the planets here are exhausted (of resources) and colonised, about 4,7% of all planets here house life but none seem to be showing signs of true evolution, a fact the Tikhio find disappointing as they wished to study this.

Illyu CloudEdit

The Illyu Cloud is the most recent part of Rhodikh (and just as the Dhrek Cloud seems to be loose of Rhodikh) and the Tikhio use it for study about life and dark energy. Most planets cannot be settled ot mined yet so this is mostly an unclaimed region. The Tikhio are debating for some while whether or not they should keep this for foreigners to use.

Notable worldsEdit

Notable speciesEdit

  • Tikhio: The most seen race in Rhodikh.
  • Klex: A race that is close to achieving spaceflight.

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