Moon. 2 points.

An image of Rgarkran

Rgarkran, also known as TK-8, is the innermost moon of Kkaggrak. It has very littlle use, but used to have large quantities of gold under its surface.


Rgarkran has enough mass to have a spherical shape.


Rgarkran has a diameter of .75 times the earth, and a mass of .32 times it. It has no actual colonies on its surface, merely some shut down automated mining plants. It has few craters on its surface.


Mainly silicate and chemical ices, Rgarkran is an average moon of Kkaggrak. It had large quantities of gold, but it has all been mined out, and now is useless, as it has no more ores inside of it other than low quantities of iron. It also has a bit of foreign elements such as some zinc from meteors that have recently crashed onto its surface.


Rgarkran is located on the inner edge of the TK rings of Kkaggrak in the Khargg system, in the Polemos Galaxy. It is close to the actual cloudtops of Kkaggrak, but not close to be sucked in.

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