The Revanah System is a star system in the Viperius Galaxy. It has 3 planets in its orbit, all of which contain life forms of some sort. The middle planet of Rahavi is home to the sapient Class VI race of Rahavians. The system has recently come under siege of the rapidly expanding class VIII Prothian Empire.

The first planet in this system is Vagan, an ocean world with an abundance of aquatic life. It is about 0.9 AU from the star, Revanah. It has one moon, Vraan which is roughly 270,000 miles from the planet.

The second planet is Rahavi, a temperate world covered in about 60% water and oceans. It is about 1.5 AU from Revanah. It is home to the Rahavians whom have recently taken to space and have managed to make one permanent lunar colony on the one moon of Rilac.

The third planet is Yhav, a desert planet with very little water (2% of planet's surface) and has very few life forms. Those who have adapted to live here are small and few in numbers. The planet is about 3.0 AU from Revanah and has no moons.

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