Retractor hand dragon

The Retractor-hand Dragon with bird's ere view and hand diagram

The Retractor-hand Dragon is a dragon native to Dragovia.


Retractor-hand Dragons are two metres long and a light blue colour. They have two keratin horns on their nose, the first one being larger than the second. They have a nearly toothless lower jaw, though exactly why hasn’t yet been discovered.

Retractor-hand Dragons have vestigial wings, as flight has no benefit to the species. They now appear as small brown spikes on each shoulder.

They also have a jagged orange sail extending from the spine, similar to the Armadraggon. This sail is used for display during mating season. They will also fight other females using their tails, which are tipped with two curving spikes.

The feature that gives this dragon its name are its retractable hands. The skin on their hands is weak and not insulated, so it cannot cope with the cold climates of Frostia for long. This forced them to adapt, and instead of thicken the skin on their hands, evolution chose to make them retractable.


 Retractor-hand Dragons are small and fairly active, yet they need little to eat. They only eat plants, which they pull out of the snow using their mouths. It is possible that the toothy upper jaw was designed to grab the plant, and the almost toothless lower jaw was designed to prevent the dragon from swallowing too much snow.


Retractor-hand dragons are most commonly seen in pairs, as they are only half the size of a Frostbite, and since Frostbites are camouflaged in the snow, there is safety in numbers. Occasionally they will group together in threes, but not often.

Retractor-hand Dragons mate in spring, and the eggs (usually 4-14) are laid in summer. They are guarded fiercely by the parents, and when they hatch the next spring, they are reared right to maturity before the parents abandon them.


Retractor-hand Dragons live in Frostia, where their light-blue colouration is decent camouflage. They have adapted this feature along with the retractable hands to cope with the harsh environment.

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