Rennite First Contact
Part of Daemon Conquests
Date 3.999 (.995) AM
Location Styx
Result Decisive Daemon Victory
Casus belli Daemon Invasion
Daemons Rennites
Soulbane the Treacherous None
3000 Daemon Warships, many thousands of ground troops Around 1000 Rennite soldiers, no battleships
4 ships, around a thousand Grakk Almost ten million Rennites
The Rennite First Contact was the event that led to the Daemon conquest of Styx and the native Rennites.


In the year 3.999(.995) AM, the Gehennian Soulbane led an invasion fleet to the planet Styx. Rennite ships had been launched into orbit recently, and the Daemons had noticed. Daemon Warships entered Stygian orbit and began to bombard the planet. Within days, most of the Rennite population was destroyed. At this time, the Rennites did not have a true military, and thus did not have a supreme commander. Their forces fell into disarray. After this, few Rennites survived, and those who did were enslaved and shipped off to Inferno and other Daemon-controlled worlds.

A few Rennites, such as Dolen, became rebels, fighting Daemon control.


Soulbane ruled Styx for years afterwards, often giving day-to-day control to Umbran. However, recently, the Rennite Rebellion managed to contact the Angeli, who aided them in retaking the world. Since then, Styx has been a conflict zone, although the Rennites and the Angeli are currently winning the war.

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