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The Rennites are a race of amphibious mammals native to the planet Styx in the Daemoniverse. Many are currently enslaved by the Daemons.


Rennites have the basic form of a kangaroo, but have a long neck at the end of which is a seal-like head.

Each is about five feet tall, although specimens as large as six feet have been seen.

Their fur is a creamy color.


The Rennites are a sapient species.


Rennites are a creative, fun-loving race. Back in the days when they built spaceships, their ships were a unique fusion of practicality and art.


Rennites had no basic goverment, instead relying on the good will and honour of their citizens. Those who did commit crimes were rare, and were always banished from the village by a temporary council.

During the Rebellion, a general was in command of the Rennite Army. The identity of this leader remains unknown to this day.

Now adays, Rennite society is a constitutional republic, ruled by President Sola.


Until recently, the Rennites held a magnificent space-faring civilization. Unfortunately, their might attracted the Daemons, who killed or enslaved most of their population. Now, only a small number remain free as rebels on Styx and other, watery worlds.

Some have fled to worlds controlled by the Angeli, where they can live in relative safety. They often help in the war effort against Daemons, either by building ships or by actually fighting in battles.

Recently, the Rennites joined forces with the Angeli and won a decisive battle against the Daemons. After this, a Rennite named Sola was elected President of Styx.

Notable IndividualsEdit

In FictionEdit

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