Reapers are a type of Korgrath often used as assasins.


None but the Gehennians know what the true form of a Reaper is; see Technology, below.


Reapers wield a sophisticated device known as a Perception Modifier in order to disguise themselves. With this, they can alter other creatures perception of them, and can appear as an Angelus, Typhon, or indeed mimic any other enemy of the Daemons.

It is known that Gehennians can see through this disguise.


As stated before, Reapers are used as assassins quite frequently. They can also be used as spies.

These are the favoured weapons of Umbran.


The prototype of what would become the Perception Modifier was first built by Gehenne, in an attempt to sucessfully infiltrate the Julth ranks in the Julth War.

Nobody knows when the actual Reaper arose or appeared.

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