Rawgezein is a relatively large moon that is completely undetectable by a standard radar device or sensor. Krijgvolk believe that the moon may just be an unusually shaped space cloud orbitting, but patterns of ice, water, rock and craters seem to say otherwise. It is the last large moon around Verweg.


Rawgezein is a relatively large moon, and has a diameter of around 4300 km. Its density is estimated to be around 5.4 g/cm^3, being based on silicon, the main base of the outer planets of Waark .

Space SirensEdit

Told as a Krijgvolk legend, slender serpents 50 ft long with a small curved beak famous for mysteriously "consuming" asteroids have been "spotted" near the planet several times, yet no photos. These creatures are said to make this moon a home, but have about the same amount of proof of existence as Bigfoot has.

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