Note: Skogland's animal life is in fact extinct; however, I find writing articles easier in present tense.

Rauhallinen are relatively peaceful herbivores from Skogland.


They grow to about eighteen metres long and weigh twenty tonnes, making them easy prey for a Magtarex. To survive, they live in herds.

They are spined along the back and tail, and on the back, these spines are joined by a flap of skin to form a sail. It also has horns on its hed, two forward facing and one backward facing. As a result, it can look less peaceful than it actually is.

It has two pairs of eyes, unusual for a large herbivore, and no explanation has been found. However, this is considered an insectoid trait, possibly pointing towards it being related to the massive Storapede.

Its feet are three clawed.


They are small for most Skogland creatures, so live in large herds. This has a basic hierarchy of an Alpha Male and his females, and then their offspring. After this are the other males, the other females and finally the other children.

They can communicate with various calls, some of the most basic representing hunger, fear, happiness and distress.


Rauhallinens are herbivores.


Rauhallinens are small enough to live in the forests, and large enough to hold their own on the plains, therefore existing in a range of habitats across Skogland.

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