Raskovnik tree
A lunging Raskovnik




3 meters


Deserts, swamps


Styracosaurus Rider

Raskovnik is a cykronic plant found in the swamps and deserts of Lanka. It is thought to be the only sapient plant in the Daemoniverse.


Raskovnik plants grow about 3 meters high, and are mobile. They move by using their roots to crawl along the ground.

Rotwasps nest in their branches.



A Rotwasp hive in Raskovnik branches

These plants are in a constant struggle to reproduce. They do this by finding an organic animal to act as a host, using echolocatory machinery implanted in the plant. When they find one, they use their barb-tipped roots and branches to inject a mix of cykronic spores into the creature. The host gradually becomes a source of nutrients for the young seeds. When the host dies, the Raskovnik sprout emerges from it.


Raskovnik used to be a normal, non-sapient plant until the Daemons arrived. Ravana chose this plant to modify with cykron technology, and so has become a walking mechanical plant.

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