A simple map of Rakosa. The red squares are Arlekt cities, while the white lines are roads.

Rakosa is a planet within the Undrishuar universe. It is a temperate world and the home planet of the Arlekt.

Geography and AtmosphereEdit

Rakosa is a cold world, with a mean surface temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. Arlekt cities are only present in the planet's eastern hemisphere. The atmosphere is similar to Earth, but with only 17% oxygen, and more trace gases. It has one large sea, known as the Stygian Sea.


All life on Rakosa was brought to the planet from Dinoterra by a now extinct race, over 250 million years ago.

Rakosa's biosphere has suffered a mass extinction ever since the Arlekt gained sapience. Excessive hunting, habitat destruction and pollution has lead to the extinction of many groups, including the gigantic gigatheres, a group of massive dicynodonts.

However, Arlekt conservation groups are now working on restoring the planet by resurrecting the extinct species.

So far, around twenty large animal species have been resurrected.

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