Rak-1 is the only moon of Kkaggrak in the Rak gap, hence its name. It is the 10th moon of the planet.


An average moon of Kkaggrak, Rak-1 is mainly silicate.


Rak-1 is the largest object currently in orbit around Kkagrak, with a diameter of 1.53 times earth, so a mass of 2.346 times it. This allows colonization and mining. Due to its size, it is thought that it has collected all of the dust and rocks of the Rak Gap to itself. Another proof of this is the slight increase of mass per year.


Mainly silicate, Rak-1 is a typical Kkagrak moon. It has a large core of silicate rocks, but it does have a large iron central core. Also, it has plenty of titanium in the core. Its crust is mainly pyroxene, but with large tourmaline crystals and surface iron deposits. The most common mineral, besides previously listed, is aluminum, followed by vanadium. It has a thin atmosphere of dust and nitrogen.


Rak-1 is the lone moon of the Rak gap, orbiting Kkaggrak. This is in the Khargg system of the Ngrakk Nebula, in the Polemos Galaxy.

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