Raeraen pic

A Raeraen on the prowl, caught in the light of an exploration vehicle

Raeraen are the apex predators of Daomhaen. The modern-day Laoine evolved from this creature.


Much like other predators of its planet, raeraen have jawless mouths, and four eyes. However, these have grown horns on the top of their skull. These allow it to ram prey or agressive enemies.

Also, it has several stomachs which are used to digest hard materials. Since its teeth are so sharp, it can rip through aluminum, bone, and in some cases, pure high-grade steel. Therefore it has to be able to digest it, and it does using a series of acids and other corrosive materials.


Beside from their menacing horns and gaping mouth, raeraen follow suit to the simplicity of most Daomhaen creatures. The only observable parts of its body are two side fins that act as rudders and its large dorsal fin. Most come in green, but other varieties can be blue, red, or even white.

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