An image of RK-9. A gorkhan frigate can be seen cruising.

RK-9 is the fourth recognised moon of Kkaggrak. It is mainly made of silicate rocks, and is a small moon.


An average asteroidal moon, RK-9 is medium-sized and is silicate.


RK-9 does not have enough mass to have a spherical shape. It has a mass of 0.04 times earth, so does not have sufficient size to danger ratio to be colonized. It also is covered in several meteor craters.


A silicate moon, RK-9 is a dust-covered rocky asteroid. It has very little minerals left in it, as it was completely mined out because of stores of iridium and silver. What is left is a bit of iron and traces of titanium.


RK-9 is located in the inner RK ring section of Kkaggrak, in the Khargg system. This is in turn in the Ngrakk Nebula, which is in the Polemos Galaxy.

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