Quren (Kyu-ren) is a hot Saturn, or 'puffy planet,' of the Aqari System. It only has one major moon, Marusiqar. It has a very large diffuse level, as its density is lower than that of Jupiter, even though it has less mass.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

Being a hot gas giant, Quren has a large mass, but a low density.


Quren's equatorial radius reaches around 114,000 kilometers across, greater than that of Jupiter. However, the mass is only a bit greater than half of a Jupiter mass, at roughly 167 earth masses. Its diffuse is around seven times that of Jupiter, counting for the odd ratio of the size to mass.


Quren is a traditional hydrogen-helium gas giant, with the atmosphere being 90.1% hydrogen, 9.6% helium, 0.2% ammonia, 0.09% methane, 0.02% water vapor, and traces of elements such as benezene, ethane, deuritium-based material, and a few kinds of acids.


It takes 15 hours for Quren to spin on its axis, causing a slight equatorial bulge. Its orbital period reaches around 12 days It is in a renegade orbit, so it spins in the opposite direction as usual.


Quren is a pale blue-green gas giant, caused by the ammonia and water vapor in its atmosphere. The methane causes a yellowish tint, showing in small streaks in white bands of uncolored gases. It has no rings, as it is quite hot at its orbital region, causing dust to have a lower density and float away from Quren's gravity often.

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