Quothei is a large terrestrial planet in the Cloud of Tatra. It is a rogue planet, expelled from its system by a star passing through the orbital plane. The Taide live on this planet.


A terrestrial planet, Quothei is class SDG.


The mass of Quothei is 3.05 times Earth's, and its radius is 1.42 times Earth's at the equator. This produces a density of 1.07 times that on Earth, and a surface gravity of 1.52Gs.


A dense planet, Quothei's crust is 36.1% iron, 28.1% oxygen, 18.5% aluminum, 11.2% silicon, 6.1% other metals, and trace other elements.


The surface of Quothei is generally desert, only 33% water but 20% ice. The temperature is stable, varying little from the global average of 2°C.


Quothei's atmosphere is slowly thinning and escaping into space. It is 68% nitrogen, 28% oxygen and 3% carbon dioxide, the rest mainly argon.


Quothei does not orbit a star, so no axial tilt can be determined and day length is impossible to discern.


Quothei's moon was lost during it expulsion from the system, being thrown into the system's sun.


Quothei's biosphere is dying out. The only animals and large plants surviving are those inside the Taide cities, though some plants and microbes survive outside or in the seas.


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