A devolved Quaghnam.

The Quaghnam were a sapient race of mammals native to Droghnoar (situated in the Vipius Galaxy System).


The Quaghnam were once a proud and mighty race who prospered throughout several galaxies. Their military force was abundant to take on many of the modern species at the same time, but their greatest achievement was the catalyst of their doom. They created a program called The Skeleton Key which can hack anything electronical within the fraction of a second. A synthectic race called the Yorkhnuum fought them for this technology as they feared their own doom. They planned their attack for decades and were succesfully in destroying the Quaghnam fleets within days. The Quaghnam, having lost their leaders and homeworld, were in disarray and fled from their enemy. They created many small fake bases to buy time for some of their last scientists to come up with a plan.

They hid the Skeleton Key and devolved their own kin to ensure the program stays hidden, once they would be able to open the vault containing the program they would rise in force and reclaim what was theirs.



Omnivorous, the Quaghnam ate much herbs and dried flesh. Now they eat much of the herbs and plants growing in the rainforests of Aerszonic.

Intelligence and societyEdit

The Quaghnam were very intelligent and excelled in making software such as A.I.'s and hacking software.


It is unknown if they had a religion before the devolvement, now they worship a demon as a god.

Military doctrineEdit

Nothing is known of their military aside that it was very powerfull.


Believed to be of class XII, now their devolved counterpart is class III.


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