Pytzen is the first planet of the Velkoda System

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

Pytzen is a small, but extremely hot planet close to its sun.


This planet has a radius of around 1900km, and a density of around 5.4g/cm^3. As a result, it has a surface gravity of around .275g. 


Like all other planets in its system, Pytzen has a crust of mainly silicate rocks and an iron-titanium core. As a result, it is quite dense. It has nearly no atmosphere, as its surface is nearly 1000 degrees centigrate. Its core takes up at least 2/3 of the volume.


Pytzen has a standard orbit, with a period of around 30 days. It has no satellites.


Pytzen is nearly completely covered in lava, which makes the planet itself slightly incandescent. Volcanic eruptions are common, and the planet turns its crust inside out at least once every five millenia due to its immense volcanic activity.

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