Pseudoraptor is a genus of tyrannosaur living on Dinoterra.


Pseudoraptor takes the niche of large dromaeosaurids in North America. It is descended from a group of tyrannosauroids known as dryptosaurids. Two species exist, P. occas, which lives in western North America, and P. orient, which lives in eastern North America.


The western species is the larger of the two species, growing up to seven meters in length. It is light brown in color and has long, thin legs, suited for running in plains areas.

The eastern species is slightly smaller, growing up to six meters in length, and is dark green with mottled brown spots. It has long legs, suitable for walking in forests and swamps.

Both species have longer arms than their ancestors, and digit ||| on their hand has evolved into a large killing claw, similar to the spinosaur Baryonyx, except thinner.


The western species mainly feeds on fast, running dinosaurs such as ornithomimids, though they occasionally feed on slower species. The eastern species feeds on slower prey.


The western species lives on plains and grasslands, where it has little competition. The eastern species lives in forests and swamps, and competes with Therizinocitatus in the former. Because of this, they are rarer in that habitat.

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