A Qwatko Prism Ship with top and front view. A Qwatko Fighter is also present.

The Prism Ships were the strongest ships invented by the Qwatko, they were 200.000 km long, 140.000 km width and 30.000 km high. Their hulls were reinforced with 2 layers of nano-diamond (but this caused a diamond crisis/shortage in the Qwatko empire), only 50 Prism ships were ever made

The front housed the main weapons and most of the generators. The sides were used as cargo holds, hangers and living quarters. In the middle there was the giant core to power the ship and to make the engines work (which are located in the back).


  • Shield ('nagger')Breaker: A three barrelled weapon that fires a powerfull ion shot (with the central barrel)and afterwards 2 Vulcan laser shots. The ion shot creates a small hole in the shield for about 5 seconds which is enough to let the Vulcan lasers (explosive lasers)hit their foe's hull.
  • AF-Cannons: A 5 barrelled minigun with small explosive ammo. It has a high rate of fire and is excellent at countering fighter/bomber attacks.
  • Vulcan lasers: The bigger variant of their famous weapon. It has 50 times more power then the smaller version. It is nicknamed 'The Bringer of Light'. Each ship had 74 Vulcan Lasers (28 in the front, 15 on the left, 15 on the right and 16 in the middle)
  • Penetrator: The main gun of all Prism ships, Each ship had 5 tubes (situated in the front)to fire their payload (a nano-diamond slug at FTL speed)which was guaranteed to penetrate the enemy's hull (Every ship had about 30 slugs and were seldomly restocked due to the diamond shortages).
  • Lifter: The famous Qwatko planetary offence weapon, the weapon was designed to penetrate the surface of any planet and explode at a depth of 750 metres causing a giant hollow space (with a diameter of 1000 metres)to be created. The shock that is caused by the explosion lifts the surface in the air for several seconds and sends it crashing into the hole causin a giant area to sink away. Each ship had 8 tubes to fire Lifter bombs. These weapons had little to no effect (aside from piercing the hull)as it would fly throught the ship and explodes when out of range.


  • Pin-Point laser defence: used to stop incoming missiles.
  • Class-7 4-Layer Shield: Strongest type of shield Qwatko had in groups of 4 layers.

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