Primads are a winged species native to the habitable moon Pan, located in the Kamodan Galaxy. They are of technological class V. They have been enslaved by the Yraath.


Primads are about a meter tall, and covered in short, thick hair. They have long tails.

Primads are primarily herbivorous, eating tree branches and flowers.

Intelligence and SocietyEdit

Primads are sapient and have developed a primitive civilization. In public, they wear flowing robes and hats that resemble tree stumps.

Individuals are encouraged to express themselves through painting, music, or other forms of art.


Primads led a peaceful lifestyle until the Yraath arrived on Pan and pillaged their cities. Most individuals died, and the ones that remain were kept alive only to be prisoners and slaves.

A relic population escaped and remained undetected deep in the mountains, where they continue to preserve their civilization. It is unknown if the Yraath will find them soon or not.

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