Oread System


Plantalopes and other Pseudoanimalians.



Pragos are a species of life that developed in the Oread System, specifically, on Oread Major. Like most life on Oread Major, they are Pseudoanimalians. They are a composed of a light-weight sponge-like material and are the one of the species of "predators" on the planet. They are herbivores, and tend to move in a "galloping" motion along the surface of Oread Major.


Pragos are yellow in color, however during mating season the females turn from yellow to a dark red. Pragos travel in packs and hunt various plant-life such as the Plantalope. Pragos are three legged and have a short set of what appear to be wings on their back. Sadly, with every generation passed the wings grow smaller and smaller. This evolutionary trait may hint at the fact that Pragos developed as a different species on another planet, but no hypothesis have been made.


Pragos always travel in groups of six and always hunt with their mate. They live in caves and are nocturnal beasts. During mating season (lasting 4 Oread months in all and occurring every 3 years) Pragos stay in the shelter of their caves and create a new generation of Pragos, who are taught how to hunt during the subsequent month after mating season. The Pragos estimated life span is about 3 years.