Praefutus are worm-like parasites native to Dawn.


Praefutus are very large, worm-like parasites. Individuals may reach lengths of 3 meters.

Life CycleEdit

Praefutus have an elaborate life cycle that has attracted the attention of several scientists.

Adult parasites live in the organs of Crushtoag species, where they mate and lay millions of eggs. These eggs hatch quickly, and the larvae make their way to the truncator oviducts, where they infect resident egg cells as they form. After the Crushtoag eggs are laid, the larvae would perish if not for the egg-eating lifestyle of the Geysberk.

The infected eggs are eaten, and the larvae then make their way into the predator's bloodstream. Animals around the area are affected by blood-sucking insectoids, and the Geysberk are no exception. When the insects take in their blood meals from the predators, they also take in the Praefutus larvae. The larvae are then transferred into a healthy Crushtoag at the time of the insect's next meal, where they develop into adults and the cycle repeats.

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