Pontuals are beasts from Wazel trained by the Leseaw Empire to counter Imperial Lepta's Stoneclodders and the High Order of the Nivalis's Nightshriekers.

Physiology and Natural WeaponsEdit

They can grow up to five metres long and weigh 500kg. They are quadrupeds, with comparatively long legs which make them good runners. Their paws have long, curved claws at the tip of each finger, to grip tough surfaces. Its skin is covered in soft fur, which is usually an orange-y colour.

The head resembles that of a tyrannosaur. It is up to 75cm long, and the large jaws are filled with sharp, serrated teeth, which are also relatively thick, allowing them to bite through armour. They have a brilliant sense of eyesight, smell and hearing. The head is also furred.

They have a long tail, also furred, which serves as a counter-balance when running. There are many quills on the tail, which the animal can fire at extreme speeds and with pinpoint accuracy. Once a quill is fired, a new one grows in a few days.

In most subspecies, the quills are hollow but strong, containing a deadly poison that is injected upon impact (if it breaks the skin). This poison can stop the heart beating in any animal in less than an hour.


Already, these are great animals for use in warfare. However, the Leseaw Empire has made even more modifications to make them more efficient.

For a start, they have produced armour for it which covers the head, legs and body, but leaves the tail exposed to fire the quills. They can be ridden once tamed.

As well as this, they are occasionally infected and set loose on the battlefield, a form of biological warfare they also use with Wazelians. However, these beasts are harder to kill and spread the disease better.


These animals are used as they are great counters to the warbeasts used by other nations. They can fire their quills with an accuracy capable of striking a Stoneclodder in the eye, or hitting a Nightshrieker. The poison then does the rest. They are equally effective against ground soldiers.

Natural HabitatEdit

Their natural habitat is the mountains in Lesaew Empire territory. Their claws and quills are adaptations to this lifestyle, and have proved effective for use against other nations.

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