Galaxxy of amazingness

A map of Polemos. Blue is Laoine territory, green Zeinestrel, red Ghorkhan, and yellow Yuharon

The Polemos galaxy is a large galaxy of the Viperius Galaxy System. There are four sapient species, currently at war with each other, that mainly dominate the galaxy.

Geographical regionsEdit


The core of the Polemos galaxy is a supermassive black hole. It is the main source of energy for the Yuharon, who take a little radiation off of the innumerable amounts of energy produced by it.

There also have been odd physical properties seen here, with an unknown catalyst. Random lepton and quark energizations- neutrinos to tau neutrinos or up to top quarks, for example. Space-time distortion has also been seen in immense excess, with large-scale disturbances and rifts to the Crossverse and Between randomly forming.

A rarer event is the spontaneous folding or unfolding of dimensions. Folding lasts for up to a few seconds, but unfolding can only last for a few microseconds. It is possible that this has been caused by a construct of some form, but nothing of the type has been detected.

Raoen ArmEdit

The Raoen arm is completely dominated by the Laoine. It has a vast number of old stars, and is much older than the Koraksel arm. The oldest star here is almost a trillion years old.

Koraksel ArmEdit

The Koraksel arm is divided into two groups - the Gorkhan segment which trails off, and the Zeinestrel segment, which is closer to the core. It also features old stars, but has many more new stars. It is home to the hottest star, at almost 30 thousand Kelvin.

Political regionsEdit

Yuharon ImperiumEdit

The Yuharon imperium is centered around the galactic core, where its main colonies are. It is full of radiation, but both the Yuharon and their ships are built to withstand this. It is the second largest region, after the Laoine empire. Stars are dense here, and very few have systems.

Gorkhan FederationEdit

The Gorkhan empire is located on the end of the Koraksel arm. It has several nebulae, which harbor giant Gorkhan citadels, which are trading hubs. Most stars here have planets, but they are on average 10 light years apart, causing problems with transport.

Zeinestrel EmpireEdit

The Zeinestrel Empire is located on the inside of the Koraksel arm. It has several massive, hot stars, which are used as fuel supplies. Most planets here are hot, rocky, and have very little atmosphere.

Laoine DomainEdit

The Laoine Domain occupies the entire Raoen arm. Several strange occurences happen here, most likely the cause of Laoine experiments. It has lots of dark matter, which the Laoine are beginning to understand and use.


The Yuharon's homestar is unknown.

The Gorkhan's homeworld is Rgorok of the Khargg system.

The Zeinestrel homeworld and star were destroyed by the Yuharon several years ago.

The Laoine live on Daomhaen, orbiting the gas giant Shaorean, of the Noiyarna system.

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