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Pokoju (plural Pokojus) are peaceful sapients from a planet on the very edge of the Lucifer Galaxy, in the Viperius Galaxy System in Emenata.


They grow up to 1.5 metres high, and weigh up to 70kg.

They have long, thin legs, ended in three-toed feet, and also have long arms, ending in two-fingered hands. The fact that they only have to fingers slowed down their rate of evolution slighty, though they overcame the problem by holding nearly everything two-handed.

They have large heads and mouths, lined with many small teeth for crushing plant food. They have two eyes, and relatively good binocular vision. On the back of the head, there is a small crest of feathers, the function of which remains unknown.


They wear rags over their bodies, and soldiers wear armour made of steel.


They are a peaceful race, and never went to war against other races, so production of weapons and armour was little, but they were aware that other sapients might not be as peaceful as they were. This proved true, when there colony worlds were invaded by Kerarans. On their homeplanet, armament, armour and starship production went up, but as they had neglected it before, they were not at the same stage of advancement as the Kerarans, and were defeated regardless. Their homeplanet was claimed by the Kerarans, as they had claimed a large portion of the rest of Lucifer.

There are a few rebel factions, but most of these are being systematically annihilated.


Pre-Keraran TechnologyEdit

At this stage, they had vehicles for travelling across land, sea and air, as well as basic starships. They had modelled basic, steel torso armour, and an iron helmet. In the way of weapons, they had a few varieties of machine-gun, and a rifle nicknamed the 'poacher's gun' due to its common use by poachers.

Keraran Invasion TechnologyEdit

They developed more advanced starships, more complex and effective guns, as well as armour that covered more parts of the body, along with a few ground-to-air cannons, all to no avail.

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