The Planetary Concusser is the most powerful weapon of the Hegan, able to destroy entire enemy fleets and raze worlds in minutes. It is only used for larger threats, though, or when there is a large fleet around, as it requires a cooperative effort between ships for its use.


The Planetary Concusser runs using a series of coilguns, slightly smaller than a Stardeath Howitzer. Ships equipped with a Concusser have panels attached to them, which can absorb masers from other members of the fleet and route them back to the weapon. Once it has collected enough energy, the cannons will move into positions that will transmit the force most effectively (with planets) or hit the most ships (with fleets). They will then use Alcubierre drives to fire a group of specially-designed alloy bullets, similarly to a shotgun. The Concusser, when the energy is enough to allow 3 rounds from all cannons, can melt the crusts of planets and completely and irreversibly annihilate all life upon it.

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