Pirate Flag

A symbol often used to represent pirate-infested zones

The Emenata universe is inhabited by a large number of space pirates. Despite repeated attempts to eradicate them, they are not only existent, but thriving.


Although piracy has existed on various planets since the first sapient race evolved, modern piracy only came about in around the year 3.999(.960) AM. In this year, a mysterious personage known as Latros founded the largest known pirate gang in history, the gang which accounts for almost all pirate attacks in Emenata.


Pirates mainly lurk around outer planets, waiting for cargo ships to pass. Passengers on board ambushed ships are often sold into slavery.

Large numbers of pirates can be found on Skrap.


Almost all races can and do become pirates. These races include Skarg, Salsenes, Vrah, Zyrothans, Atrenids, and many others.

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