The Phoebus (pronounced fee-bus) are a race of invertebrates native to the planet Apollo IX in the Viperius Galaxy. On most worlds, they cannot survive without special suits.



Phoebus are blue humanoids standing at about ten feet tall. Their heads are large bulbs, filled with soft muscle and brain tissue. Their mouths are small and delicate. Their arms are around six feet long. Instead of fingers, Phoebus have large clusters of tentacles at the end of each arm.

Muscular SystemEdit

To accomodate their lack of bones, the Phoebus have evolved a system of rigid muscles akin to a skeleton. Unfortunately, these muscles cannot support the creature without a particularly thick atmosphere to back it up.

It is expected that their muscles will evolve into bones in millions of years.


The Phoebus are strict herbivores, eating nothing but small plants found on their homeworld. Attempts to grow these plants off-world have all failed.



Over their long history, the Phoebus have developed a complex culture celebrating thought and free will. In recent years, many have begun to follow the ways of other species such as the Salsenes and the Zyrothans.


Many Phoebus worship a single deity they call "The Star". Many now worship alien gods such as the Supreme Creator.



The Phoebus have invented complicated starcraft capable of interstellar travel. Each ship is armed with sophisticated energy weapons.

Skeletal SuitsEdit

In order to survive on alien planets, the Phoebus wear suits that serve as mechanical exoskeletons. These suits are made out of solid steel. Some individuals carve engravings on their suits, somewhat like tatoos.

Relations With Other SpeciesEdit


The Salsenes were the first race discovered by the Phoebus; they flew their first interstellar ship into the Ishtar system.


The Zyrothans sent an embassy to meet the Phoebus.


The Phoebus first encountered the Atrenids when they attempted to land on Kaventro. A team of Atrenids rescued them from a pack of Sigma Spiders.


The Aians sent an official greeting to the Phoebus. Other than that, the two races have had few dealings with one another.


These two races are on good terms.

Vrah and SkargEdit

Being largely incapable of combat themselves, the Phoebus often hire individuals of these races as mercenaries.


The Lutrian government has sent several embassies to the Phoebus homeworld.


One Phoebus exploratory vessel was destroyed by the Kerarans. Since then, the Phoebus try to avoid Kerarans.

In FictionEdit

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