The Phantom is an extremely complex and complicated virus. The Phantom's biggest complexity is how small it is and how it can stay undetected by practically every breed of AVs, except the APVP or the ObsidianSVD, which were specifically made for the Phantom, who posed as one of the greatest viruses of all times.

The Phantom is known for being the smallest breed of virus known to the Hyperian networks. However, this is not true. The Phantom takes up a large amount of space, about twice the size of a CP. The Phantom docks itself in a safe spot and sends of a small drone to find a host. This small drone is what most think is the actual virus. A small wireless reciever is imputed on the drone, so that the docked phantom can load off enough memory to the drone. As mentioned earlier, the Phantom drone can sneak past AVs, so an ideal target for the Phantom is a CP. Once the drone is hacked in, the Phantom sends data needed to the docked Phantom for duplication. The docked Phantom duplicates itself once and deletes itself. Despite the docked Phantom being destroyed, the drone can sustain life by itself for a while, until low on memory or deleted. The Phantom usually sends commands to DPs to eliminate other programs to attempt to overide the HPRG.

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