Petaurista in orbit


Viperius Galaxy

Planetary Class



Styracosaurus Rider

Petaurista is a planet in the Viperius Galaxy.

It is a small planet, only about half the size of a regular-sized planet. Petaurista is also relatively dry, with few bodies of liquid water. This is the main reason why life forms are centered around these areas.

Petaurista is also the homeworld of the Atrenids.

Effects of the MergeEdit

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Petaurista map

The surface of Petaurista. A close look reveals the tiny salt lakes that are scattered across the planet.

The merge of Arelus and Wamana has drastically effected the planet, even more so than that of Ishtar.

The planet was thrown far out of orbit, and it has been moving further away since then, making the climate more and more hostile. The Merge dried almost all of the water, the remaining majority of it being contained in lakes. However, these lakes are extremely salty, and so only the most rugged and vigorous creatures can now survive on the planet.

These changes on the planet were too much to take for most organisms, and were the main reason why the Atrenids took to the stars and find other sapient life forms.