Paquo is the designation given to a cryptic species claimed to inhabit the deep ocean floors on planet Koje. According to the evidence presented, Paquo appear to be silicon-based organisms, which would be remarkable given that all other lifeforms known on the planet are carbon-based.

Paquo are named after a mythological figure of Gyddai folklore. They are one foot long benthonic creatures inhabiting depths greater than nine thousand feet below the surface. Their appearance is similar to a slug made out of heavy stone. Paquo were present in a deep water sample taken by the Gyddai when their base of military research on Koje was still active. Reports talked about a creature with silicon-based cellular structure. A few weeks later, however, the claim was taken back and the base reported that it had been a mistake, but no official relate about the Paquo's nature or their very existence was further released. The closing of all operations on the Koje base, no more than a few months later further gave though to a number of fringe conspiracy theories.

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