Paluserra Fish are sawfish that live on Swamp Island on Saaristo. They are secondary predators to Venenodon.


They look much like standard sawfish. They reach four metres long, and are a dull green colour, striped with a darker colour. This acts as disguise, the dark stripes mimicking shadows. Sometimes, the barbs, which aren't well-camouflaged and, of course, stick out, give it away.


They live in small groups as defence. They normal reproduce in these groups, giving birth to live young, which are raised for a year and chased away to form their own groups.


They are carnivores, hunting smaller fish and eels. They use their camouflage to approach unnoticed, and are in turn hunted by the Venenodon, which has similar camouflage.


These creatures are, like all fish, fully aquatic, living in the swamps and rivers of swamp island.

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