The Paduron Intelligence group was a splinter-faction and treacherous deserter of the Arad.

Their beliefs and doctrines were quite the opposite to what the Arad initially stood for. This gave them the much hatred label of 'Shadow Faction', amongst a database of numerous class indicated groups.

Controversy & how it beganEdit

The immediate reason why the Paduron Intelligence gained so much attention, was because they were so to speak, corrupted Arad.

This corruption was caused over hundreds of years, when they first started out as a public civil accounting group, managing thousands of records of certain threats. Initially, the Paduron Intelligence went so deep into the records of the threats to the Arad, that they themselves became corrupted with the thirst for more information and power.

Members of the groupEdit

Little is known. Literally, very little. The Paduron Intelligence was succesful in keeping themselves underground, using 'couriers' and other disposable figures to do their physical work in Arad society.

The group hierarchy is known though. You've got 3 levels of power inside the Paduron Intelligence.

  1. Non-important figures who have only limited contact with level 2's.
  2. Shadowy circle consisting of 111 members that give orders to level 1's.
  3. The leading level, only having 7 members which command the whole group, are not known to both levels.

Notable achievementsEdit

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