Packers are large, armored reptiles that live in Skarg cities across Gars. Unlike most other Garsians, Packers have actually thrived since the Scarring.


Enormous, blue-scaled creatures slightly resembling a cross between a dragon and a cockroach, Packers grow to lengths of five meters or longer. Their bodies are large but somewhat low-slung, requiring six muscular legs for support. Instead of jaws, Packers possess crushing mandibles.


Packers are strictly carnivorous, eating any animals they cafind in the ruins in which they dwell. During the medieval period of Skarg history, Packers were used as weapons: every nation kept a number of them for use in battles. During the Scarring, many Packers managed to escape their confinement, running wild and contributing to the general chaos. When nuclear bombs were detonated in most Skarg cities, many Packers survived the radiation, and quickly repopulated their urban kingdoms with their own, slightly mutated spawn.

Behaviour and IntelligenceEdit

While not sapient, Packers nonetheless possess a great deal of natural intelligence, perhaps on parr with a ten year old child or even a Terrortooth. As the name might suggest, they live in packs that may contain as many as a hundred individuals. Each pack is controlled by a breeding pair. Tool use has been reported in these animals, as well as sophisticated planning. A number of scientists have expressed fears of future sapience in these creatures.

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