The United PARSONUS Collective
The PARSONUS Collective's flag





Important Worlds

Picuss, Tefutire, Two unknown Worlds


~60,000 colonies

Notable for

Controlling dark energies, making many enemies, uplifting over ten races

Technological Class

Incredebly Advanced (Class XII)

Main Leader

Supreme Chancellor Parsonus

Secondary Leaders



Multi-Species Senatorial Democracy


Warrior Trading Diplomats, Neutral Evil

The United PARSONUS Collective is a powerful empire made up of many small races from around the Emenata Universe, most prominently the Phradox Galaxy in the Zanthray galactic cluster. They are mostly neutral, but can manipulate dark energies, which makes them officially classified as "evil".


  • Pilloids Confederation is a trader empire that founded the PARSONUS Collective. Their empire also includes the Choras, a small race of diplomats.
  • Anatinus of Norma-Harpi are another trader empire, but they are one of the more militaristic ones in the Union.
  • Rojobra Empire is one of the most intelligent scientist empires in the Union.
  • Supreme Destrocon Empire is a scientific race, despite being aggressive.
  • Omega Destrocon Empire is less powerful, but more aggressive subspecies of their counterparts.
  • New Glaargi Republic (Reformed Federal Glaargi Kerheg) is a small group of diplomat empires. It includes the Glaargi and Dinox species.
  • Unified Regaro is a group of four species. They are generally aggressive towards other empires.
  • Spooros Empire is a peaceful empire. They are close allies of the Mammeuths.


Most of the intelligent and elite individuals of the collective can manipulate the dark energies.

Notable IndividualsEdit

  • Supreme Chancellor Parsonus
  • Other major leaders
  • Recruit Captain Pizagui
  • Lieutenant Leyri-Oresh
  • Syzzar 5
  • Commander Haye Rison

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