The Outer Jogorian Worlds Alliance is the alliance of colonies rebelling against the United Federation of Jogorian Planets. It's sole purpose is to protect the well being of those in the outer colony worlds.


In 150,038 MYC the outer colonies of the UFJP declared independence following the outbreak of the Hydran Virus. Over 2,100 colonies left the Federation and joined together to create the OJWA. In the year since its formation, the Alliance has been in a constant struggle to keep itself from succumbing to the Federation. 

Government and MilitaryEdit

The Alliance government is much akin to the Federation's government. However, there is only one branch of government, and that is the Governing Branch. High Governor of the Alliance and his or her Executive Senators vote on the affairs of the Alliance. Each colony has its own system of courts and its own militia aside from the Alliance Army and Navy.

The Alliance Navy is extremely small, consisting of only about 5 million ships, and must rely on hit and run tactics while fighting the United Federal Navy, which has a fleet over 100 times the size of the AN. Even employing these hit and run tactics, the AN is still fighting a losing battle against the UFN. 

The Alliance Army is a large force consisting of over 4 trillion soldiers. The militias on the seperate planets put the estimated total fighting force at over 10 trillion Jogorians. Nearly half the population of the OJWA. It has proven itself in the defense of the OJWA and has recorded a number of victories over the United Federal Military and the United Federal Navy Marine Corps.

Population and BordersEdit

The population of the OJWA is about 19 trillion Jogorians. The colonies are lesser populated than the core worlds of the Federation, but the amount of space the OJWA controls is nearly the same size of the Federation. Though the Federation does not recognize the OJWA as a seperate government, and thus counts the OJWA's territory and population in its census' for the other races in the galaxy.

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