An old man like me doesn't care wether or not a mission has a low rate of succes...

- General Orthiok's most famous words

Orthiok was a male Twik-Twikh General serving in the High Twikhyan Navy. He died at the age of 152.


Born and raised on the Domes (residential bubbles created to keep out the gasses of the at that time pleny industrial areas) of Wikhyam. A smart and curious individual, the Twikher Secret Service had been following him for some years after they saw potential in the male who aided in the schematics of the Obelisk.

When he reached the age of 28 he joined the military officer academy at his father's request, he proved to be a brilliant tactician and graduated after 7 years, he was asked to keep on studying in the High Fleet Academy for individuals with great potential. He gladly accepted and received a better study, after 4 yeards of studying and even proving he was a better tactician than his teacher he received the rank of Colonel.

His first mission is classified as it involved the Twikher Secret Service. His second mission however nearly resulted into a massacre after he was ambushed by 2 Vultur Alliance fleets. He was able to evacuate the nearby space stations and escape in time before the enemy reached his position. The following mission were mostly hit-and-run operations to keep the Vultur Alliance at bay.

After 61 years the routine changed, on one of the hit-and-run missions he picked up a signal originating from a Vultur Alliance fleet headed for the planet Plerth where around 7,45 billion Twik-Twikhs lived. He warned the High Twikhyan Navy as his fleet was too small to take on the enemy. However he faced the odds and kept a number of hostile ships away from the planet to lessen the pressure on the planetary defences.

The planet suffered a 35 day siege and about 2,46 billion Twik-Twikhs lost their lives. He left the planet at the first day when the HTN arrived, before he left in LS he evacuated a relative big group of survivors of Plerth's capitol, Kytho, including Lieutenant Wenl. After he returned to Wikhyam's Space Repairing Docks he received an email that he was to report to the High Wikhyam Command, once there he was promoted to the rank of General.

At the age of 151 he was assigned to a secret mission, several weeks after his 152th birthday he was killed in action. Lieutenant Wenl was able to retrieve his body and return it to his family. His body was buried on the Twik-Twikh paradise planet Qhyantem, his family, several befriended officers and Lieutenant Wenl's team were present at the funeral.


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