Orion, or Obeidon's Response Initiators Of Nevula, is an organisation that dedicates itself to prepare for a possible purge that would wipe out all sentient life in Obeidon


Around 35 billion BM, this organisation was created by their leaders, the Olthoor, they had their reasons to believe that a future event would wipe out all life in Obeidon and/or beyond. As they believe this is in the form of an ancient race they have been preparing for war ever since.

With the arrival of the Riooth their military might had been tripled after diplomatic relationship had created an alliance between them. Soon afterwards the Irdikh had been invited and gave the Orion (at that time known as the Ori) an economical boost which allowed them to flourish and research more advanced technologies.

The alliance was doing well but the Olthoor announced that they had received a distress call coming from afar. The whole alliance was in disarrange as they thought it was their long expected enemy. When they went to investigate the signal they had partially confirmed their fear. The year was somewhere before 21 billion BM, an alliance known as the Igrith was under attack by an unknown enemy which they refered to as the Ygaakh. They were eager to join the Orion and thus the Ordohvaan and the Nerzams were added. The conflict stopped when the Ygaakh retreated while they had suffered no casualties

In the year 1.563.271 -- AM they were plunged into a bitter war that still rages on in all of their systems. The Krono, a highly violent race that arrived out of nowhere with thousands of gigantic semi-sapient battleships, their desire. Destroying the Orion.

Participating speciesEdit

  • Olthoor: The founding race of the Orion, they serve as diplomats for all species, have researched most of their technology and serve as the political center of the Orion.
  • Riooth: The Riooth are the peacekeepers in the Orion, keeping tension low by their enormous numbers and strength. They had lost considerable numbers during the aid of the Igrith alliance but quickly recovered from this due to the help of the Irdikh.
  • Irdikh: The Irdikh have always had a flourishing economy, however, this caused their needs to drop and their technological advancement was slowed down.
  • Ordohva: The Ordohva are a military species and have assisted the Riooth on numerous occasions creating a goo bond between them. They would never abandon the Riooth as their arrival ended the conflict with the Ygaakh who were one of the many scouting parties of the Krono.
  • Nerzam: The Nerzam are an intelligent species that are masters at diguise. They make use of cloaking technology and prefer guerilla warfare instead of open warfare.

Opinion towards other speciesEdit

  • Krono: Since the Krono arrived they assaulted the Orion. Relation = War.


  • Orion is a constellation and a Greek mythological figure.

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