Oread Major as seen from space.

The Oread System is a double planet system that was among the first to be explored by the salsenes. The smaller planet, Oread Minor, exerts a strong gravitational pull on Oread Major, which bulges the planets surface into mountains.

Planetary DynamicsEdit

Oread Major is slightly larger than the Earth, however, this does not make much of a difference. Oread Minor is the size of the planet Venus.

This system does not appear to have been affected by the Merge.


Oread Major supports a healthy ecosystem, full of multi-cellular life. Oread Minor, however, sustains only microbial life.

Life on Oread is radically different than that of most other planets. The most common group, the Pseudoanimalian, have tissue composed of a sponge-like substance. They are also tripeds (creatures that walk on three legs). When walking, Pseudomammalians walk in a shuffling, hopping motion. Running resembles the gallop of a horse.


The Salsene Grand Fleet launched an expedition to the planet, in order to evaluate the planets potential as a colony world. The exploratory group was destroyed, however, by a tribe of Necrosaurs. After the event, the Salsene Council deemed the planet too dangerous for a colony to be sustained, and terminated all further attempts at exploration.