An Ordhova with a cape leading his troops.

The Ordohva are a sapient race of synthetics, they are part of the Orion and have been created by an unknown species.


Their appearance can change as they make use of changeable metal, their core however always looks the same. A four pointed star with a digital face on it. The core is needed for the body to move.

The Ordohva have only a limited amount of core faces. An angry face, happy face, normal face, confused face. They also have a sleeping face, they utilise this when on an a standby mode to preserve energy. When the core has sustained too much damage the screen will be deactivated and show a face with cross eyes.


They only need energy to stay active.

Intelligence and societyEdit

They can handle many tasks at once due to their processors.

Their society is based on a caste system. The highest caste is the Empire Superintendent, then comes the Galaxy Superintendent, afterwards the World Superintendent followed by the City Superintendent.

Note that military A.I.'s and systems are not in the caste system.


XII- Interuniversal, this species has explored multiple 'verses. They were active in Viperius once but retreated during the Julth War.

Military doctrineEdit

Relation with other speciesEdit

  • Orion: They are a part of the Orion. Relation = Allied.
  • Krono: As they have fought before they are highly hostile to each other. Relation = War.


  • The Ordohva are probaby one of my most idiotic looking species I've ever invented...

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