Operation Strike
Part of The War for Rahavi
Date 4.000(.021) AM
Location Planet of Rahavi
City of Tirem
Result Phyyric Rahavian victory
Casus belli Rahavian counterinvasion
City of Tirem and surrounding areas are liberated and returned to Rahavian control
Rahavians Hydrans
General Shala Ohvlem Hydran Collective Mind
3 million soldiers
200 surface vessels
Unknown number of mutations
127 airships
2.3 million soldiers
130 surface vessels
1.5 million mutations
35 airships
Operation Strike was the Rahavian counterinvasion of the Trebethia continent on planet Rahavi.
Hydran Invasion

Taken from a Rahavian transport vessel. Hydran Battleships, cruisers and fighters can be seen above the city ruins of Tirem

Rahavian ArrivalEdit

After losing over 2/3 of the planet to the Hydrans, the Joint Defense Force of Rahavi (the Rahavian combined military) decided it was time to go on the offensive for a change. With casualties reaching 65% across the planet, the JDFR would need a victory very soon to restore moral to continue the Rahavian war for survival.

The Joint Defense Commanders decided to launch an attack at the city of Tirem in the Trebethia continent. Over 3 million JDFR troops were assigned to this mission. Well over 2/3 of which would not return.

As the transports sailed across the sea, they were shocked to find a massive fleet of Hydran airships over the city. The Hydran virus was thought to be primitive and only have moderate weapon technology. It was now that the Rahavians realized that they were dealing with a greater threat than even the Prothians had presented just a few months before. Nevertheless, the fleet sailed into the harbor with guns blazing.

The shells of even the most massive guns of the Rahavian fleet seemed to do little against the Hydran airships and very few were brought down. They would continue to harass the Rahavian ground troops as they attempted to push forward into the city ruins. This initial push forward would cost over a million Rahavian lives.

Rahavian AdvanceEdit

Three hours after the first Rahavian troops landed on the beaches of Tirem, their advancement into the city stalls. This was the absolute worst thing that could happen to the JDFR forces as now they began taking heavy casualties in a war of attrition with an enemy that outnumbered them 3:1.

In the short one hour that the advance stalled, nearly 800,000 Rahavians lost thier lives. However, Hydran defenses were finally penetrated after a Battleship fell from the sky and hit a Hydran Titan squad, killing them all and allowing Rahavian armored divisions to roll forward and flank Hydran positions.

Even though losses are high, the Rahavian attack proves successful and a foothold is gained on Trebethia. The road to a liberated Rahavi is a long one, but the first steps have just been made.

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